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5 Must Have Features For Desktop Vaporizers

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

The UK vaporizer scene is growing rapidly, portable vapes have nearly become ubiquitous. More and more vape aficionados are electing to move from the portable vape to a more leisurely alternative. Desktop vaporizers are perfect for people who want to enjoy their vape experience in the comfort of their own home. However when you’re choosing a desktop vape you have to consider a few factors that you might not be familiar with. These are the 5 must have features.

Volcano Vaporizer | NamasteVapes UK


If you’re going to enjoy a desktop vaporizer in peace you’ll want to make sure that you have a long, good quality whip. Most whips are made of high quality, medical grade plastic or silicone so they won’t taint your hits with a nasty plastic taste. Most good desktop vapes will have come with a whip because it doesn’t rely on a fan for use and can be used as soon as the chamber heats up. Another advantage of a whip is that it allows the user to directly control the density of the vapor they inhale; a quick draw pulls a more diluted vapor while a long slow draw will result in a dense pull. Many vape whips are hands free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about holding it onto the main unit, so you can sit back and enjoy. Da Buddha Desktop Vape is a fantastic example of a high quality and easy to use whip vape.


A balloon is a bag made of medical grade plastic that can be filled with vapor and detached, so you can vape without being tied to your vaporizer. Balloons are filled my a small internal fan. When the balloon is inflated to your preferred size you can simply detach it and enjoy the vapor at your leisure. The user can control the density of the vapor to some extent by adjusting the speed of the fan, slower settings result in denser vapor while faster speeds lead to a thinner draw. You’ll find that balloon vaporizers tend to be a bit more expensive than their whip-only counterparts, however most balloon vapes also come with whip attachments; so you can enjoy the best of both worlds!The Volcano Vaporizer is the best whip/balloon vaporizer on the market

Hybrid Heating

Those of you moving over from a portable vape will be familiar with the old convection vs conduction debate. Convection vapes blow hot air over herb and lead to more even heating, this produces a more even vapor for you to enjoy. However, it’s the slower of the two methods. Conduction vaporizers on the other hand put the herb in direct contact with the heating element, meaning that it heats up to vape temperatures faster, though it can lead to uneven heating and wasted herb. A massive advantage that a desktop vaporizer has is that it doesn’t have to compromise for portability, so it can have both convection and conduction elements in the unit! Which means you can have the best of both worlds! The Volcano Classic Desktop has this hybrid heating method, and is one of the best vaporizers in the world!

Arizer V Tower Vaporizer | NamasteVapes UK

Large Display

The last thing you want when you’re sitting back and enjoying a vape is to have to squint at some tiny display when you’re trying to finetune the temperature to optimise your vaping experience. A large, clear LCD or LED display that clearly shows the exact temperature you are using is a godsend for those who want to control their vaporizer with precision. The biggest, clearest display on the market is on the Volcano Digital, we’ve mentioned it before but It cannot be stressed enough that it is one of the finest desktop vapes out there, and consistently sits atop our most popular products list.

High Quality Glass Components

This feature is probably more important that all the others. Everything mentioned so far you could live without, you could still enjoy smooth, untainted vapor. However unless your vaporizer is built with the highest quality, medical grade glass components. Glass is naturally non reactive and treated glass is resistant to thermal shock, meaning that you can enjoy a smooth, untainted vapor every time. The Arizer V Tower is built with the finest glass components so you can enjoy a toxin free vapor.

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