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5 Common Vaping Myths - Did You Fall For These?

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Vaping is a phenomenon sweeping the UK herb scene and understandably there’s a certain level of skepticism surrounding it. Some of the claims we’ve seen circulating are totally wrong. So we’ve compiled the most egregious claims and debunked each one. 

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  • Vaping Smells Bad

Herb certainly does have a distinctive smell. It’s something that every aficionado knows. It lingers for hours, can sink into your hair and clothes and, depending on the strain, can be very pungent indeed. Some of us put a lot of effort into disguising or banishing that smell altogether! Some people worry that the diffusion of herb into vapor can cause the smell to travel further and linger longer.

The good news is that the vapor doesn’t hang in the air as long as smoke does. This is because vapor isn’t as dense as smoke and simply diffuses into the air.

That’s not to say that there’s no smell; there is. So don’t expect your vape to protect you from all prying nostrils. You simply needn’t worry about it lingering in your hair, clothes, or house!

  • Vaping Isn’t as Powerful as Smoking

To some fire = stronger. This isn’t necessarily true. OK a hit from a blunt is going to be stronger than a hit from a vape, this isn’t because a vape is somehow weaker, it’s just that each hit is a bit more mellow. Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the boiling temperatures of the active ingredients in herb. So when you take a hit from a vape you’re inhaling the same chemicals as you would from a blunt or bong. The difference is the concentration; a hit from a blunt might have a higher concentration of cannabinoids but it will also come with hot smoke, tar, carcinogens, and other toxins.

You’ll feel the effects of the active ingredients just as much as you would from a blunt, it’s the same amount of THC it might just take a few hits more. Thanks to how a vape works, those hits will go down much easier.

  • It’s Only For Hipsters

Okay, okay, so the e-cig and vape scene has been co-opted by somewhat insufferable hipsters. However, dry herb vaporizers, while similar in appearance, are a different beast. Dry herb vapes are used by everyone from seasoned herb fans, to patients looking for herbs medicinal effects. The best thing about modern vapes is that they have an adjustable temperature setting. This allows you to actually change what active ingredients are being boiled off in your herb and what effects you are feeling. This is what makes dry herb vapes something for everyone.

  • It’s Wasteful

When you light a bowl you know that everything in that bowl will be put to use. By the end of it there’s nothing left. When you pack a vape how do you know that all your herb is being put to good use? After all, when you use it up there’s still a lot of matter left in the chamber.

The truth is vapes are actually far more efficient than combustion when it comes to your herb. None of your herb will be burnt off into thin air and nearly all of the active ingredients will be converted into vapor.

It becomes even more efficient when you grind your herb before putting it into your vape. Grinding your herb increases the surface area that is exposed to the heating element of your vaporizer which means more vapor and less wasted herb.

  • It Tastes of Burnt Popcorn

Some complain that every hit from a vaporizer holds the taint of some nasty burnt popcorn. These people either don’t know how to use a vaporizer or are parroting the words of someone who doesn’t know how to use a vaporizer. If you taste burnt popcorn then your herb is used up. All the active ingredients are gone and it’s now time to switch it out for a fresh batch. Once you do that you can sit back and enjoy the tasty flavour of your herb again.

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