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3 Reasons Why Your Vape Might Not Be Working and How to Fix It

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Vaporizers are a fantastic way to consume dry herbs. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of the active ingredients without any of the harsh smoke or toxins. On top of that they are incredibly easy to use, making herb far more accessible than nearly any other method. Of course, at the end of the day vaporizers are still technology, and tech has a propensity to break in ways that are baffling to lay people. So, if it breaks down the average schmo might be left feeling baffled, scared, angry, and aroused. 

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

To help you combat this we have decided to look into the top three most common issues with vaporizers and how you can fix them. 

Your Vapour Tastes Burnt 

Vaporizers deliver smooth, tasty hits that let you enjoy the pure and natural flavour of your herb. Unfortunately over time you may notice that this degrades, and eventually you’ll feel like you’re sucking on a lawnmower’s exhaust.  

If this happens your vape needs to be cleaned. Dry herb naturally exudes a thick resin that can build up over time. This will begin to look like a layer of grime that will eventually affect the flavour of your vape.

To combat this it's important to clean your vape’s chamber and airpath. You can do this will a soft brush and some cleaning solution. Some vaporizers like the Pax 3 are specially designed for easy cleaning so you can be sure that your vape experience is tasty and untainted. 

Your Vapour is Too Thin 

A vaporizer is intended to deliver thick, delicious hits, but some users may find that their vapes are a bit on the weak side. There are several issues that could call this. The first issue could be down to your temperature setting.

If you set your temperature too low you will find that your vapour is much lighter, so if you want denser results then you should crank the temperature up a bit. 

The second issue could be how the herb is packed. Its important to grind your herb before you put it into your vapes’s chamber. This is because it exposes more surface area to the heating system of the vape, allowing more of it to be heated at once. This naturally leads to a denser, thicker vapor. Another advantage of this is that your herb will be vaporized more efficiently, leading to less wastage. 

Kannastor Grinder

It Appears Something is Slightly on Fire 

A lot of people are drawn to vaporizers due to the fact they totally avoid combustion. Sometimes, though, you may notice a burning taste and smoke leaking out of your vape’s airpath. This, I’m sorry to say, is combustion. 

Combustion can happen in vapes that haven’t been cleaned, have their temperature too high, or both! If you don’t clean your vaporizer enough then ‘hot spots’ can form and eventually burst into flame.

To combat this make sure that you clean your chamber frequently. If your chamber is clean but combustion still occur, then you may have your chamber’s temperature turned up too high! With careful adjustment of your heat, you should be able to enjoy a thick vapour without seeing your herb go up in smoke. 

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