3 Of the Best Lights for Indoor Growing

on Sep 10, 2018

There are so many reasons to start growing your own cannabis plants at home. Many medical marijuana patients are taking the DIY approach, growing their own strains to treat their conditions. If you’re into concentrates, you’ll know that its often incredibly difficult to assess the quality of the concentrates you’re spending serious money on, unless you have a highly reputable dispensary. Growing and processing your own herb for concentrates is the only true way to know exactly what goes into the concentrates you ingest.  

The key factor in successfully growing your own plants at home, is creating an environment for them to flourish. Your plants will need sufficient space to grow, and most importantly – light! Cast your mind back to that science class you might have slept through. Plants make food through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a chemical process wherein plants use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into sugars, which they in turn use as food for cell energy to grow and flourish.  

When growing your own cannabis plants indoors at home, your light source is one of the most important factors for maintaining the health and standard of your crop. And, as your mum/dad/grandparent/favourite teacher/sage elder probably told you before, if you’re going to do something you may as well do it right. You need to make sure that your plants have adequate light to grow as full and evenly as possible to reach their full potential - plants want to grow towards the light and will readjust themselves to receive the most light and heat energy they can. However, to avoid underdeveloped buds or the risk of light burn, it’s important to make sure that light is evenly distributed amongst your plants.  

Your standard LED light bulbs just won’t cut the mustard in this case, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of the three best lights for growing cannabis plants indoors.  

MIQRO 100 Grow Light 

One great option if you don’t want to splash out on buying a whole grow kit is the MIGRO 100 Gros Light. The MIGRO 100 light is the most affordable choice from the brand, which is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading grow light producers on the market today for indoor kits– with more advanced devices like the MIGRO 200 and 400 models also available to take your indoor grow kits to the next level.  

When choosing lights for growing plants indoors, you need to be careful that all your plants are getting an even amount of light and heat to photosynthesize properly – you don’t want any runts in your litter, which is just good herb and money lost. Thankfully the MIGRO 100 bulbs are engineered to disperse light and heat evenly throughout your whole crop, so no plants are left unloved. The MIGRO is a compact device, perfectly designed for smaller indoor crops while still promoting even and healthy growth.  

The MIGRO also uses 80% less heat than its main competitor, which means that the risk of light burn destroying your crop is pretty minimal, as long as you’ve installed it properly with an adequate amount of distance from your plants.  


BC Northern Lights are the leaders in manufacturing compact home hydroponic solutions. Designed with both the freshman grower and the more advanced horticulturist in mind, the BloomBox is the perfect choice for anyone who is really serious about growing their own plants to a high standard.  

The BloomBox is a 100% contained indoor growing kit, featuring a CO2 regulator, electronic timers, a fan filtered air system, and high-quality UV light system that emits more lumens of light than your plants can actually absorb (in the simplest terms, watts = energy, lumens = brightness!). When growing weed, you want your lights to be as bright as possible (without being too hot and increasing the risk of light burn). Cannabis plants need at least 2500 lumens per square foot to really flourish, and since your light source is essentially trying to replicate the sun’s light (which is about 10,000 lumens per square foot), you need a light source that can emit as many lumens as possible.  

This dual-chamber grow box is expertly designed to help your baby seedlings flourish and reach maturity in just 6-8 weeks. It can accommodate up to nine plants, and also features an odor-control feature to help keep your growing project as inconspicuous as possible.  

The BC Northern Lights BloomBox is an investment indoor growing kit, which is absolutely reflected in the £4,995 price tag. While the BloomBox is easy to master (since it essentially does all of the work for you) it’s really made with the serious grower in mind. Luckily at the minute its available on our site at a 20% discount 

Hydrogarden grow tent bundle 

The value grow bundle from Hydrogarden provides you with everything you need to start your entire grow box from scratch! 

The Hydrogarden Grow Tent bundle is without a doubt one of the most affordable indoor growing tents available on the market. For just £312.00 (a fraction of the price of the Bloombox) you get absolutely everything you could need to start growing your own herb – the tent, a RAM Mixed-flow Inline Fan, RAM filter, a 600 W LUMii BLACK HPS Lamp, to name just a few items included in the bundle.  

The LUMIii BLACK lamp is a 600w, dual-spectrum high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, which gives your plants 88,000 lumens for amazing growth even with an indoor kit. This lamp is perfect for simulating sunshine and stimulating enhanced flowering from your crop.  


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